City centre to bloom as over 50 new trees planted

Mature trees from the nursery that grew the saplings in London’s Olympic Park will line Hull’s public realm as the first phase of works nears completion.

Fifty-six trees are currently being planted along Jameson Street, King Edward Street and Queen Victoria Square, with more planned for Beverley Gate and Queen’s Gardens in the spring of 2017.

Once all of the planting is complete, the number of trees in the city centre will have risen overall.

Back in 2015, each new tree was individually selected from a nursery in Holland that specialises in providing mature trees; something not currently available in large quantities in the UK.

Species include Acer Zoeschense, Platanus acerifolia and interesting multi-stem trees for Jameson Street.

Garry Taylor, City Major Projects Manager said:

“The inclusion of trees and high quality street furniture into the city centre public realm is incredibly important in creating a place that people want to spend time and enjoy.

“These trees are already 15 – 25 years old and have been moved and re-planted several times to ensure they have strong fibrous roots that will help them to settle into their new homes successfully.

“They may have their winter coats on now but be assured, once we reach spring, these trees will bloom beautifully and prove to be a valuable addition to our new city centre.”

Tree planting will continue into the New Year with some of the largest, reaching 47ft, installed into Queen Victoria Square this week.