The Old Town Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) is a five year 2017 legacy programme working to realign Hull’s economy with tourism, culture and heritage assets and building upon the success of 2017 UK City of Culture.

There is a desire to knit the Old Town and the waterfront together, to maximise occupancy and the value of Hull’s historic fabric and cultural assets.  There is already commitment by the Humber LEP for ‘Re-purposing the Old Town’ and a number of strategies are in place to increase investment, residents and visitors to the Old Town, the new Fruit Market ‘live, work and play’ regeneration area  and Hull’s Museums Quarter.

The purpose of the Old Town Heritage Action Zone is to stimulate and support economic regeneration efforts in Hull’s historic heart.  It aims to:

  • Engage with residents, business owners and visitors to the Old Town to develop a clear focus and vision for the Old Town.
  • Enhance the Old Town built environment and encourage investment in historic buildings including increasing residential development.
  • Understand heritage better and de-risk development in the area by providing technical and financial support for building owners wishing to undertake works to historic buildings in the Old Town.
  • Unite partners and businesses in strengthening the Old Town ‘brand’ by reinforcing and trading upon the Old Town’s unique historical and architectural character
  • Support efforts to strengthen the link between the city centre with the waterfront, help shape visitors’ journeys through the city centre and enable the telling of the city’s story to visitors, drawing on the significance of Hull’s maritime history.
  • Increase the residential population within the Old Town

The legacy vision – Hull’s Old Town will see the city’s medieval heart develop as a world class visitor destination and Hull’s city centre population will be increasingly drawn to the Old Town.  The Old Town will become renowned as a vibrant place where people choose to live, work and play.  Vacant properties and spaces will be brought back into use and the legacy of the City of Culture will be the creation of a vital area steeped in heritage which the world knows about, and chooses to visit.  The Old Town will also be recognised by the city’s residents as reconnecting them to Hull’s maritime heritage.

The Delivery Programme has the following outputs:

  • Develop Old Town Destination & Vision
  • Destination & Engagement Development
  • Marketing & Communications Development
  • Develop South Blockhouse as a Visitor Attraction
  • Increase Tourism Offer
  • De-risk Historic Buildings for mixed use commercial and residential development
  • Developer engagement and works to bring buildings back into economic mixed use

HAZ Progress 5 year plan 2017-20202%

2% Complete