Eurovia are the contractor who are completing all of the work to transform the public realm. If you have any questions about the works then please contact one of their Public Liaison Officers on 0800 014 2369


Preparations for the City of Culture 2017 have given Hull a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform the City Centre and we are going to make sure that we have one that can compete with other cities around the country. We want to create a route from the Interchange through the some of the most important areas of our City and which will finish in our historic marina area.

The Public Realm works start at Paragon Interchange where residents and visitors will cross an upgraded street crossing into Paragon Square which will create a high quality entrance to the City. The new attractive granite paving starts here and continues as you move into Jameson Street. It has been recognised what an important shopping area this is and so everything has become more centralised, including the planting of the new trees, to provide wider pedestrian areas so that access to shops is easier. There will also be more places to sit for different ages groups and space for outdoor cafes.

At the end of Jameson Street a new pedestrianised square will be created, this will provide an area for events such as markets or entertainment to take place.

You will then be drawn by the new paving through to King Edward Street which will have new trees planted and outside café space.

At the end of King Edward Street is the magnificent Queen Victoria Square which will be made even more impressive by the series of works that will be taking place to transform it into a place people want to use throughout the year. It will be the heart of the City and a destination for visitors. The space will still be used for large events but the new design will create a space where people choose to spend time and feel proud of.

A large informal seating area will be installed which will overlook an impressive water feature where children, and adults, can play during hot summer days or sit and enjoy it on more relaxing days. The feature can be turned off to create another large events space.

Queen Victoria Statue will still take pride of place in the square with improved lighting making it look even more impressive.

Whitefriargate then becomes the gateway to the Old Town, the paving changes to sandstone and a beautiful granite like material called porphyry which provides a look equivalent to a modern cobbled effect, that you would have expected to see in this area a few hundred years ago. The street has been designed to host occasional markets, new wall lanterns are being fitted and new seating put in place.

The paving then leads you into Trinity House Lane and ultimately Trinity Square, where the existing church wall is being removed to create one large open space and a beautiful space for the incredible Trinity Church.

Eight square pools will reflect the detail of the church building as you move through the space. The pools will be very thin and can be drained when any events are being held, but add to the special character and ambience of this area. Seating will be installed and again pavement cafes will be encouraged and there will be plenty of space for this to happen.

The Fruit Market area will have a deliberately different ‘feel’ to the rest of the City with the aim to enhance its already quirky and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Humber Dock Street will have the existing cobbles and historic rail tracks lifted, cleaned and re-laid, and there will be walkways and crossing points to ensure accessibility for all. Pavement cafes will be encouraged so that people can get the most enjoyment from looking out over our wonderful marina.

The cobbled streets will continue down Humber Street which is a vital part of the regeneration of the Fruit Market. The road will be closed to through traffic to create a more flexible space for festivals and markets. New seating inspired by fruit crates will be positioned on either end of the street and again it is hoped that cafes and restaurants will spill out onto the paved areas.

Who is involved?

  • Hull City Council
  • Eurovia Contracting
  • £26m investment including
    • Grant funding £0.85m
    • External project investment £0.4m
  • 111 jobs


Ongoing work. The majority is due for completion in December 2016 with some minor areas being completed during Spring 2017


75% Complete