Plans for Hull’s Old Town will see the city’s medieval heart brimming with vibrant pubs, cafes and bars around a re-energised Market Square, a continental-style indoor market and some of the best small museums in the country.

The revitalisation of Trinity Indoor Market is central to the wider project of Re-purposing the Old Town.

There will be a revitalised food sales area where hot food stalls will be situated along with the traditional grocery stalls. The vision is that they will offer increasingly popular street food, in addition to a high end restaurant being opened. These varied options will contribute significantly to the vibrant local food economy, and it is also anticipated that there will be increased employment and training opportunities.

Market stalls will be upgraded as will facilities providing a more pleasing environment, in addition to this the whole floor plan of the market will be redesigned to make the best use of the space and an opaque ceiling will flood light over the railway style arches and down onto the stalls making the market a much more appealing and inviting shopping atmosphere, which will complement the adjoining eclectic Victorian Hepworths Arcade.

It is hoped that the provision of a wider range of market stalls will encourage business start ups and create a more diverse shopping area. Linked to this provision is being made in the public realm works to encourage more regular street markets this includes providing the spaces in key areas for stalls which will have access to electricity should they need it.

Old Town Grants Scheme

The Old Town Grant Scheme has recently been introduced by the council and Humber LEP to encourage new businesses to open in the Old Town and current businesses to expand.

The scheme is part of the council’s wider commitment to ‘repurpose the Old Town’ with the revitalisation of Trinity Market and the re-introduction of a regular outdoor market also on the agenda.

Who is involved?

  • Hull City Council
  • Humber LEP
  • £6.2m investment including
    • £1.6m scheme for the refurbishment of Trinity Market (£1.35m Humber LEP, £250,000 Hull City Council capital)
    • £1.6m additional grant funding (Humber LEP and private sector match)
    • £3m public realm scheme including Trinity Square and new outdoor market infrastructure including £1.76 Hull City Council capital, £850,000 Humber LEP and £400,000 from Holy Trinity Church)


The public realm scheme and the old town grants scheme are already underway. The Trinity Market project is dues to start in October 2016.

Further information