Since the launch of the City Plan in 2013, Hull has seen significant economic benefits with thousands of jobs been created for local people and unprecedented levels of investment; a rapid growth scenario that many cities can only aspire to.

The plan is overseen by the Business Leadership Board (BLB),  a ‘guiding coalition’ of the leaders of the private, public, voluntary and community sectors, charged with helping to shape the city’s long-term future direction. By bringing expertise, drive and leadership credentials, CLB provide the focus for pursuing projects on a citywide scale and impact; projects that will make a tangible and lasting difference. Acting as city-ambassadors, CLB Memebers bring creativity, resources and presence to an already rich pool of expertise helping to ensure that the city can play a full and meaningful role in a UK and international context.

The ambitions of the City Plan continue to cover the themes of:


Hull aims to be a place of opportunity for all and looking to ensure that everyone in the city can benefit from its recent economic success. Fair Growth, often referred to as inclusive growth, will now be a key development area in the next of our City Plan journey.

The City Plan will seek to support everyone to achieve their best by:

  • Ensuring people receive the services they need as early as possible through prevention and early intervention
  • Helping provide a city-wide coherent education system that enables every child and young person in Hull to fulfil their potential and talent
  • Encouraging entrepreneurial skills and attitudes, recognising the contribution that enterprise activity can make to people’s lives, particularly the young and the very young
  • Providing opportunities to maximise people’s personal income and reduce outgoings to make money go further with access to good jobs, training and skills development
  • Help with safeguarding the most vulnerable in our society, offering extra support where needed, helping them to live independently, leading to a happier, healthier, longer life
  • Encouraging fair growth across all the city’s businesses, organisations and institutions, to support the collective wellbeing of the city’s people
  • Helping to build strong, active, empowered and engaged communities