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Telling the story of Yorkshire’s Maritime City

Hull City Council has been awarded £15m of National Lottery money to help secure Hull’s future as a major UK tourist destination.  Building on its success as UK City of Culture 2017, this historic maritime city will reclaim and share every element of its past by developing three important sites: the Maritime Museum; the Dock Office Chambers and the North End Shipyard; and two historic vessels, the Arctic Corsair and Spurn Lightship. 

Ros Kerslake, CEO of the Heritage Lottery Fund, said:

“This is the perfect moment for Hull to benefit from a £15m investment from the National Lottery.  Its profile has already been substantially raised by the ongoing UK City of Culture activities and this new funding will now enable an in-depth exploration of its maritime heritage. With a greater understanding of the wider Hull story we hope local people will feel proud of their great city’s past and optimistic about its resurgence moving forwards.”  

This place-making project, which firmly places Hull’s maritime heritage at its centre, will be developed and delivered over the next seven years; it is part of a wider plan to regenerate the city.  It will look back to Hull’s history as a trading and fishing port and then take the story onwards to the present and beyond.  

Following on from its ongoing £100m investment in the city’s cultural and visitor infrastructure, Hull City Council will provide a further £12.5m towards the project from its capital programme.

John Glen, Minister for Arts, Heritage and Tourism, said:
“This £15m investment will help Hull build an enduring legacy from its fantastic year as UK City of Culture, as I was able to observe first hand on my visit to the city last week. Thanks to National Lottery players, the project will ensure that Hull’s unique seafaring history will not only be protected, but used to help fulfil its goal to become one of the top tourist destinations in the country.”

Councillor Stephen Brady, Leader of Hull City Council, said:

“Today’s announcement is a huge vote of confidence in our city and another major step towards achieving one of the key ambitions of our City Plan to make Hull a world-class visitor destination.  My heartfelt thanks go to National Lottery players – it couldn’t have happened without them.”

The project will create at least 20 new jobs, increased visitor numbers and a volunteer programme to raise awareness and pride in Hull’s maritime history.  

The project has five core elements:

• Hull Maritime Museum will be reconfigured and visitors given access to one of the building domes which has spectacular views over the city and Humber.  There will be a 50% increase of the number of items on public view.
• The Dock Office Chambers will be converted into a state-of-the-art home for the maritime collection.
• The Arctic Corsair and Spurn Lightship will undergo full conservation before being relocated. The former will be permanently berthed in a dry dock at the North End Shipyard and the latter returned to Hull Marina. Both will have on-board exhibitions and updated displays.  
• A visitor orientation centre will be built at the North End Shipyard on Dock Office Row.

Councillor Brady added:

“This is a major investment which will conserve and showcase Hull’s maritime heritage and allow the city to develop its already strong cultural and tourism offer, ensuring that visitors continue to flock to Hull well beyond our time as UK City of Culture.

“Just as important, this investment will allow the city to celebrate and reflect on its past, present and future as Yorkshire’s Maritime City. Drawing on the unique spirit of local people, it is another example of how Hull is flourishing and prospering through the regeneration and development of its proud heritage.”

Embracing our Maritime History

Hull City Council wants your views about its long-term plan to rejuvenate Hull’s maritime offering

The Council is asking the public to shape an ambitious bid to reinvigorate the city’s maritime heritage offering.

The public consultation is part of the development of a new, heritage-led regeneration strategy entitled ‘Hull: Yorkshire’s Maritime City’, with multi-million pound funding bids being the next stage of the process.

The Maritime Museum through the ages

If successful, the bids will reaffirm and celebrate Hull’s role as a world-leading maritime city and could see the city’s much-loved Maritime Museum improved, with revamped galleries, public spaces and more of its world-class treasures on show. Both the Arctic Corsair and the Spurn Lightship could receive much needed conservation along with rejuvenated exhibitions with improved accessibility, allowing everyone to admire the splendour of both vessels.

Garry Taylor, City Major Projects Manager, said:

This is the first stage in a really ambitious bid to secure funding and put Hull on the map as Yorkshire’s Maritime City. If successful we have a great opportunity to reinvigorate Hull’s maritime heritage.

“At this stage, it is important for everyone to get behind the project. Local residents have a key role to play, helping to shape and develop the plans and show their support, which will hopefully help to secure the funding that is needed to make this exciting project a reality.

“This is about securing and safeguarding the long term future of some of Hull’s most important attractions and ensuring we continue the work to make Hull a world-class visitor destination after 2017.”

The project will also seek to tell the story of Hull’s relationship with the sea and the world.

Children learning about Hull’s relationship with the sea and the world

The consultation is open from and including Wednesday 11 May and runs until Friday 17 June. The views of residents, schools, partners and visitors are being sought to ensure that any proposals and future funding bids reflect the needs of everyone with an interest in Hull’s maritime heritage. Views will be sought on the current facilities and attractions on offer and what the future could look like.

How to get involved

You can provide your feedback and complete the questionnaire via this link Copies are also available in museums, libraries and customer service centres.